Mind the Gap!

What I have realized to be true beyond a shadow of a doubt is that we have the choice to ACT on a thought or not. What we think we … Continue Reading;

The Golden Buddha

“In 1957 a group of monks needed to relocate a giant clay Buddha statue from their temple to a new location, since their monastery was being relocated to make room … Continue Reading;

Dancing to the beat of our own music!

I have an image which comes to my mind often, when I am lost in some emotion like anger or fear, which I find really helps to stop me in … Continue Reading;

The cinema of Life

I’m not really sure where this article is going, but I have had a realization on the type of ‘role’ I have been hanging out in recently and I am … Continue Reading;

Building Positive Beliefs in our children

  Our children will believe most things to be true, and are open to suggestion, particularly up until the age 7, so what can we do to build positive beliefs … Continue Reading;

Understanding the brainwaves of your children

The Role Parents Play in the Programming Years of their children I wish I had understood how the brain works, when my kids were tiny….. I would have done so … Continue Reading;

Collaboration or Competition?

Greg Baden, in his book ‘Deep Truth,’ talks about the old way of thinking, the myth in believing it’s about┬áSurvival of the fittest, which seems to permeate our youth, education … Continue Reading;

What my fears and successes have in common!

I am sitting at my kitchen table staring at the results of a new recipe I tried making today. ┬áHere it is: *If you are wondering it was supposed to … Continue Reading;

Wellbeing into the classrooms.

TEACHERS Create positive states in the classroom. What state do you want your classroom to be in? Relaxed and ready to learn. Stressed and blocked? Research shows us that children … Continue Reading;

How to be a happier parent for NO reason

Are you always judging your parenting skills, annoyed at how reactive you can be, disappointed that you are not a happier parent and living in the hope that things will … Continue Reading;