Collaboration or Competition?

Greg Baden, in his book ‘Deep Truth,’ talks about the old way of thinking, the myth in believing it’s about Survival of the fittest, which seems to permeate our youth, education and lifestyle choices.  It is there, evident in our classrooms, childhood and teenage years. Children are taught to compete against each other, they soon learn where they ‘think’ they fit in to the hierarchy of the classroom, they form beliefs about what they are capable of.  They guard their work, arm thrown across their desk, just in case somebody dares to cast their eyes over their work. This is seen as cheating and is punishable.  God forbid that we share this work, help our fellow school friends, work colleagues, work as a team, share what we know. Is it any wonder then, when we do leave school and start our adult life, we bring the same habits with us – survival of the fittest, look out for yourself, guard what you know, take the credit where possible and stand out above the crowd as a clear leader, strong and fearless. Some slight satisfaction at the downfall of your peers, pushing you a little further up the ladder of ‘one of the fittest’.


What is wrong with that, many of you will ask?  Isn’t that what we should all strive for?  Well it is, if that is what you have been taught is necessary for human evolution and the wellbeing of our planet. But what if there was another way to move amongst your peers, humankind and nature in general.  One of a sense of Collaboration with who you are sharing the planet, your space, your life with.

Let’s look to the animal kingdom for guidance.

There is absolutely a place here for confidence, leaders, mentors. Though it is the intention behind it which lays the foundations for how you turn up in life.  Asking yourself the question, How can I serve, instead of ‘What can I get out of it’ will change your human experience profoundly.  It is a question I ask myself every morning.



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