Mind the Gap!


What I have realized to be true beyond a shadow of a doubt is that we have the choice to ACT on a thought or not. What we think we have less control over, and all too often this is what people want to focus on ‘how to control their thinking’ – but we can’t control our next thought. Just try and do it and keep doing it. Though it can be transformational in your life when you start to see that just because you think a thought – it doesn’t mean you have to act on it. We have the free will to choose whether we ignore this though or act on it. Many people don’t see this, and this is where behavior can become slightly animalistic. Like a dog that sees a cat, it just acts. Though we have something which isn’t always obvious but it exists. There is a minute, split second though infintissimilly powerful ‘gap’ between thought and behavior where the choice to act or not resides. Let’s be MINDful of this gap.

Just knowing it is there and that this operating system which we all function from works the same in every human being. We are all only ever living in the feeling of our thinking, we all have the free will to choose to believe our thinking or not. It works the same for all of us. We all have access to that gap, the only thing which stops us seeing it is the innocent misunderstanding that we don’t have the choice to take our thinking seriously or not. You see it looks like every thought which enters our head and gets projected ‘out there’ is truth. As soon as our consciousness has focused in on the thought it looks real. And therefore it looks like we should act on it with the appropriate feeling and behavior.

The more I see this gap, the more I see that I don’t have to act on every thought that comes through – then it never makes sense anymore to act on negative thoughts which bring uncomfortable behaviors. I mean why would I choose the uncomfortable path – it just doesn’t make sense to, when I can choose a better feeling option. So my point is, to see transformation in your life, it is not to control your thinking, it’s not to try and change thought from negative to positive thinking, the real transformation is when you start to see the Gap between a Thought and the choice to Act. Please Mind the Gap more often – you will be amazed at the results.

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