Mind the Gap!

What I have realized to be true beyond a shadow of a doubt is that we have the choice to ACT on a thought or not. What we think we … Continue Reading;

New Skills Exchange Platform coming soon

Inspiral Exchange is weeks away from its global launch.

The Golden Buddha

“In 1957 a group of monks needed to relocate a giant clay Buddha statue from their temple to a new location, since their monastery was being relocated to make room … Continue Reading;

Dancing to the beat of our own music!

I have an image which comes to my mind often, when I am lost in some emotion like anger or fear, which I find really helps to stop me in … Continue Reading;

The cinema of Life

I’m not really sure where this article is going, but I have had a realization on the type of ‘role’ I have been hanging out in recently and I am … Continue Reading;

What my fears and successes have in common!

I am sitting at my kitchen table staring at the results of a new recipe I tried making today. ┬áHere it is: *If you are wondering it was supposed to … Continue Reading;